About me

Huaaaaaaa \(-.-)/hello eprebadehhhh !!!!



The author of this blog is NurulNisa13.

Nurul khairun nisa. lahir 01 maret 1992 di daerah terpencil yang bernama jeneponto, Sulawesi selatan.

She did not know why but she likes when someone calls her “NISA” 🙂

tapi terserah kalian koq, kalian mau panggil dia Nurul, Nisa, Nunu, Nunung, Nandong (busetdah nama aku banyak banget x_x). whatever hehe

Anak perempuan dari 4 bersaudara ini memiliki 3 sekaligus saudara laki – laki. Iya dia adalah anak perempuan sendiri di rumah 🙂

Now she resides in Makassar, seperately from her family that lives in Jeneponto.

She enjoys writing, reading and recording moments (kalo bahasa gaulnya banci foto :p).

She loves pray, music, style and food. And loves spending the day with books, movies, and surf.


She is crazy fans of @six2k   \(-.-)/ wohooooo !!!!

Namanya juga pisces, dijuluki “the Big dreamer’ sudah biasa. Yap, She has plenty of dreams and is driven to strive to make them come true. Amin

No matter what she ends up being. She wants her life and what she does be useful to other people, especially her family.


Topics will range from the blog life experiences, advice, tips, music, and health related matters 😀 😀

Happy blog reading, I hope you find my blog useful or at least worth the read.

By the way, i’m part of Melia Sehat Sejahtera 🙂




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